Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, vol 2

Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, Volume 2
By David Sobel, Peter Vallentyne, and Steven Wall
Published by Oxford University Press

This is the second volume of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. Since its revival in the 1970s political philosophy has been a vibrant field in philosophy, one that intersects with jurisprudence, normative economics, political theory in political science departments, and just war theory. OSPP aims to publish some of the best contemporary work in political philosophy and these closely related subfields. 

This volume features eight papers and an introduction. The papers address a range of central topics and represent cutting edge work in the field. They are grouped into three main themes: ideal theory, the moral assessment of states, and issues in social relations.


Table of Contents

Introduction, Peter Vallentyne
Part 1: Ideal Theory
1. Just and Juster, David Estlund
Part 2: The Moral Assessment of States
2. Political Rule and Its Discontents, Niko Kolodny
3. Consent and Political Legitimacy, Amanda Greene
4. The Value of Self-Determination, Anna Stilz
5. Domination and the Rule of Law, Assaf Sharon
6. Elitism, Richard Arneson
7. Is the Gendered Division of Labor a Problem of Distribution?, Gina Schouten
Part 3: Issues in Social Relations
8. Terms of Trust, Daniel Attas

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