Marc Sanders Prize and Recipients

The editors of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy are pleased to announce that the 2021 Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy has been awarded to Daniel Viehoff, of New York University, for his paper “Challenging Democratic Commitments: Liberal Arguments for Instrumentalism about Democarcy”.  For more information, see

The Marc Sanders Prize is an essay competition, sponsored by the Marc Sanders Foundation. It is open to scholars who, at the time of the submission deadline, are within fifteen (15) years of receiving a Ph.D. or are students currently enrolled in a graduate program. Independent scholars may also be eligible. The prize was awarded in 2015 and 2016, but, starting in 2017, it will be awarded only in odd years.


Past Recipients:

2019: Helen Frowe

Helen Frowe won the 2019 Sanders Prize in Political Philosphy for her paper "The Duty to Save and the Duty to Minimise Harm”. Frowe is a Professor of Practical Philosophy and Wallenberg Academy Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University, where she directs the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace.

2017: Fabian Wendt

Fabian Wendt, Bielefeld University won the 2017 Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy for his paper “Rescuing Public Justification from Public Reason Liberalism”. Wendt is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bielefeld University, specializing in political philosophy. Starting in October, 2017, he will be a Research Associate at Chapman University.

2016: Alex Zakaras

Alex Zakaras, University of Vermont, won the 2016 Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy for his paper “Complicity and Coercion: Towards an Ethics of Political Participation.”  Zakaras is Associate Professor at the University of Vermont, specializing in political philosophy and the history of political thought. An honorable mention goes to Thomas Sinclair (University of Oxford), the runner-up for the prize. His paper was titled “The Power of Public Positions: Official Roles in Kantian Legitimacy.”

2015: Keith Hyams

Keith Hyams won the inaugural Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy. Hyams is Associate Professor of Political Theory and Interdisciplinary Ethics in the department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, where he teaches political theory and works with the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group.