Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy

12th Annual Workshop (Invite Only)

The twelfth annual Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy will take place at the University of Glasgow, Scotland on December 11-12, 2024.  Guest host and editor – Carl Knight

The workshop will honor Richard Arneson.  All speakers are invited. 


Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy

Since its revival in the 1970s political philosophy has been a vibrant field in philosophy, one that intersects with jurisprudence, normative economics, political theory in political science departments, and just war theory. Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy aims to publish some of the best contemporary work in political philosophy and these closely related subfields.

Each year there is a workshop associated with a corresponding volume in Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy.  The location of the workshop varies from year to year.


Submission Details:

Submission is taken to imply that (1) if accepted for the workshop, the submitter will present the paper at the Workshop, submit it to the resulting volume of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, and not submit it elsewhere before a decision is made, (2) if accepted for the volume, the submitter agrees to have it published in that volume and not to publish it elsewhere prior to the publication of the volume. Please note that papers accepted for the Workshop are given serious consideration for inclusion in the resulting volume but will be refereed and are not assured publication.

Submissions must be full papers of between 7500 and 12000 words, including footnotes.  An abstract of 800 words or less should be included.  Papers and abstracts should be fully anonymized.

One submission per author. A second submission of a co-authored paper is allowed.

Papers presented at the workshop from eligible candidates will be considered for the Marc Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy.  The Prize is awarded every other year and includes a financial award of $5,000.  To be eligible for the Prize scholars, at the time of the submission deadline, must be within fifteen (15) years of receiving a Ph.D. or be students currently enrolled in a graduate program. Independent scholars may also be eligible and should direct inquiries to the Editors of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy.  If you are eligible for the Marc Sanders Prize, and wish to be considered for it, please indicate this prominently on the first page of your paper submission.

Note: The 12th annual Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy workshop is invite only.